Dairy, Food and Beverage Industry

Effluent Plant Monitoring

Effluent from dairy and food/beverage processing can be highly polluting if allowed to enter a water course and will incur high trade effluent charges if it is sent to drainage systems for treatment by a municipal wastewater treatment plant. This combination means that most processing plant operators will need to invest in some form of treatment process. The diagram below indicates the likely measurement locations that we are able to help with.

Dairy Plant Balancing Tank pH Conductivity Conductivity Suspended Solids Sludge Density Suspended Solids Dissolved Oxygen Redox pH Dissolved Oxygen redox Suspended Solids Turbidity Suspended Solids Sludge Density Sludge Blanket Sludge Density pH Phosphate Turbidity Suspended Solids

Partech has extensive experience in monitoring effluent from dairy, food and beverage processing plants and can provide both products that have been designed to cope with these some times difficult applications and installation, commissioning, and on-going support to ensure your investment provides the best possible value for money. Use the links provided above to learn more out the applications and products.

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