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25 Years at Partech

Posted by Angus Fosten on May 4, 2018
Angus Fosten - 25th Anniversay

About this time 25 years ago I was walking to Partech for my first day, little did I know that I would stick with the company and now be fortunate enough to be one of the owners!

Looking back I didn’t really know what the ‘water industry’ was, let alone understand the details of AMP cycles, OPEX/CAPEX, and the word innovation was never uttered!

My 25 years at Partech have seen massive changes, we have gone from being a slightly awkward, almost cottage industry type company, to one of the UK’s leading experts in water quality monitoring. We have a fantastic new factory and are looking to deepen our involvement in the UK water industry through leadership roles in British Water and the WWEM exhibition’s apprentice competition. We are also spreading our wings selling into markets as diverse as China, Finland and Turkey.

The journey from a slightly naïve sales engineer in 1993 to one of the ‘old hands’ in the water industry in 2018 has been enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding. There may be frustrations with the slow rate of progress and the perceived lack of innovation, but the water industry  is not a bad place to be. Our customers are, by and large, committed to doing their best to meet regulatory requirements, with budgets and resource limitations while improving the quality of both drinking water and discharge quality.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me on over the last 25 years.

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