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Andy Wallace, Sales Engineer and Analyser Product Specialist

Posted by Angus Fosten on February 11, 2015

Andy Wallace’s insightfulness into measurement instrumentation has benefited Partech customers and colleagues since his joining in 2001.

Over thirty years in the Water and Allied Industries has seen Andy perform in various roles, from Automated Chemistry Systems Specialist to Process Analyser Manager, and from 2001 as a Sales Engineer and Analyser Product Specialist at Partech.

Andy’s enthusiasm, confidence and motto of “keep it simple” has allowed the development of new systems to reach his customer base, especially when regarding his introduction of a range of analytical monitors into the Partech portfolio.

He has lectured at Cranfield University on their MSc Engineering course for over 20 years and continues to find great pleasure in doing so.

Outside of Partech, Andy enjoys dancing – he says it helps to keep him on his toes – photography, gardening and pursuing a yearlong passion of golf.

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