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Wastewater Inlet

The inlet is the first opportunity for a site operator to measure and understand the condition of the influent to their treatment process. Measurement at this stage will allow a range of process control actions, ranging from dosing control, through automatic changes to activated sludge processes and diversion of the flow to a holding or storm tank or simply alerting site technicians and supervisors.

We have applied a range of our products at this stage of the process with particular success relating to phosphate and turbidity/suspended solids measurement.

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7300w² Monitor

The core product in the WaterWatch² range - the 7300w² Monitor provides all the user interface and system configuration

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Suspended Solids Sensor

TurbiTechw² LS Suspended Solids and Turbidity Sensor

Self Cleaning Suspended Solids or Turbidity sensor designed for discharge and inlet monitoring

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pH Sensor

WaterTechw² Redox8000 Redox/ORP Sensor

Redox and Temperature Sensor for wastewater and industrial effluent applications

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MicroMac C Colorimetric Analyser

Online colorimetric analyser for Ammonia, Phosphate, Iron, Aluminium and many other parameters

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MicroMac C - Deployed

Ortho-Phosphate and Total Phosphorus

The analysis of Phosphorus or Phosphate is a critical measurement in the monitoring and control of wastewater and industrial effluent treatment

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7200 Inlet Municipal

Turbidity for Coagulant Control

Use of Turbidity as a dosing control parameter for coagulant addition

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