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Intake Protection – Drinking Water Treatment

Measurements made at the intake point to a drinking water treatment plant can prevent damage to the treatment system and reduce treatment costs. Our WaterWatch² range provides measurement of colour, pH and turbidity, all of which can provide information that is vital to the control process.

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Related Measurements and Products

7300w² Monitor

The core product in the WaterWatch² range - the 7300w² Monitor provides all the user interface and system configuration

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Water Colour Monitor

ColTechw² Colour Sensor

Sensor for measurement of Apparent Colour in Drinking Water processes, ideal for coagulant dosing control

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Turbidity D-ISO

TurbiTechw² D-ISO Sensor

An automatic self cleaning low range turbidity sensor.

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Suspended Solids Sensor

TurbiTechw² LS Suspended Solids and Turbidity Sensor

Self Cleaning Suspended Solids or Turbidity sensor designed for discharge and inlet monitoring

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pH Sensor

WaterTechw² pH8000 pH Sensor

pH and Temperature sensor for wastewater and drinking water applications

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