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Dairy, Food & Beverage

Due to the high pollutant levels within dairy, food and beverage effluent it’s vital to have exact monitoring in place, and our extensive experience providing services to this industry allows just that.

Our British-built products and consultation service means that everything from installation to final water treatments is taken care of by our expert team and unequalled equipment.

Inlet Channel

Wastewater Inlet

The inlet is the first opportunity for a site operator to measure and understand the condition of the influent to their treatment process

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Aeration Diffused

Activated Sludge Plant (ASP)

Key element of wastewater processing, using the highest amount of energy and benefiting from our monitoring products

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Final Settlement Tanks

Final settlement tanks (FST's) are similar in design to primary settlement tanks and are an integral part of the activated sludge process

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Effluent Channel

Effluent Discharge

Monitoring at the effluent discharge point is the last chance to prevent pollution incidents and allows comparison with regulatory authority sampling

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