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General Industry

Mineral, mining and quarrying are examples of industries that have benefited from our products and outstanding customer service.

We can assist in measurements of site drainage, effluent discharge, balance tanks and final settlement as well as flocculation, dewatering, DAFF, lamella processes and various other tertiary treatments.

The versatility and ease of use of the Partech catalogue, coupled with supreme customer support and our unrivalled product expertise means we can add efficiency to any industry.


Final Settlement Tanks

Final settlement tanks (FST's) are similar in design to primary settlement tanks and are an integral part of the activated sludge process

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Sand Filter

Tertiary Treatment

Additional element of the treatment process which benefits from instrumentation to aid energy control and process protection

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Effluent Channel

Effluent Discharge

Monitoring at the effluent discharge point is the last chance to prevent pollution incidents and allows comparison with regulatory authority sampling

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