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Best Virtual Offices in Cornwall, where we like to work

Posted by Angus Fosten on July 29, 2016

We have a very nice set of offices in north Cornwall but often our sales guys are on the road, out and about! Of course, a lot of the time they are jetting off all over the world but because we encourage remote working and less road miles, quite often the customer care team can be found working in different parts of Cornwall thanks to modern technology. We’ve put together some of our favourite places to work from in Cornwall:


Gyllyngvase Beach Café, Falmouth

Whenever we’re in Falmouth we like to head to Gyllyngvase Beach Café. Why? Because there is nothing better in Cornwall than working at the beach. At Gyllyngvase Beach Café you are pretty much on the sand and there’s even an outdoor area so you can hear the waves whilst you work. It’s very busy so if you need peace and quiet to work, this is not the best place! The main drawback is that there is no WiFi connection so it’s not somewhere we can work for long but if we have some paperwork to fill out, this is our favourite place. Somewhere to dot the i’s and cross the t’s with a cup of tea!


The Beach Hut, Watergate Bay, Newquay

Sticking with the beach theme (well, when in Cornwall…) when visiting the Newquay area we love to work at The Beach Hut at Watergate Bay. Situated on (you guessed it) the lovely Watergate Bay beach, this is somewhere we like to work with a really good coffee and admire the view. Somewhere to work if you like really good coffee.


Mannings, Truro

Mannings in Truro is the best place to work in the city if you like the hustle and bustle. Situated in one of the main areas of the city, we like to pull up a pew and order a coffee then watch Truro whizz by. It’s perfect for people watching or having work meetings, the only trouble is you’re likely to see people you know so if you need “head down” time go elsewhere! Somewhere to work if you want to be central to everything with great WiFi!


Route 38, Saltash

For a slice of American diner, this is a fab place to work, watching the travel zip by. Expect a 1950s style American diner with big portions, served with a smile. Somewhere to work if you’re headed somewhere and need a pit stop and if you like to work in a busy environment!


Porthmeor Café, St Ives

Yes, it’s another beach café but all this is really saying is how fantastic Cornwall is as a place to work, you’re basically next to the beach no matter which direction you go in! Porthmeor is one of our ultimate favourites although we don’t tend to spend much time in St Ives as it’s so far from everything and it’s also full of tourists once May arrives so it can be tricky to get in and out! But this beach is one of the best in Cornwall, a blanket of golden sand that you couldn’t be any closer to! We like sitting on the little breakfast bar with a cup of coffee getting some work done. Somewhere to work on strategy and blue sky thinking!


We’re so lucky living and working in Cornwall to be able to work remotely in beautiful places such as these. It’s no wonder people relocate to Cornwall to live and work. Keep an eye on our careers page for opportunities to join us and both work hard and play hard at Partech!

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