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Can I trust that data?

Posted by Angus Fosten on April 21, 2020
ASP Plant for data
As an instruments manufacturer we have always been plugged in, pardon the pun, to the on site and remote requirements of our customers. Recently our technical support team have reported an increase in calls from our customers. These calls range from calibration queries, maintenance scheduling questions and more general operational data issues.
The one thing they all have in common is that they are all from staff who are having to multitask due to reduced staffing levels. Our instruments are simple to use, easy to calibrate and reliable. However if you have never worked on one before they along with any other instrument will seem unfamiliar. It is like asking a lifelong iPhone user to switch to a Samsung. The principle is the same but the menu structure will be different and assistance may be required finding the right options.
Process scientists and managers working from home are looking for live information on works performance, needing to adjust dosing levels and blower performance based on reliable, validated measured values. Social distancing and other protective measures makes this difficult without the correct instruments onsite. We are ready and available to get new products to site and to work with engineers, operators and technicians to calibrate and maintain the existing ones.
In summary, instruments have always been important to a plants operation. In this new normal that we are all living in and in the future they become even more important. Installing them correctly in the right location to accurately read the required parameter is the first step. Maintaining them in good health with regular calibration ensures they will provide reliable and accurate data for many years.

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