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Case Study: Liz Bagshaw on the IRC sensors

Posted by Angus Fosten on July 13, 2015
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Our infrared IR’C sensors have been making waves in the world of glacial meltwater monitoring.

Glacial environments are key indicators of global warming and climate change. They’re also home to a diverse range of microorganisms. Both of these need to be quantified and monitored, but doing this isn’t easy because of the cold, remote environments in which they are found.

To combat these challenges, Dr Liz Bagshaw, Lecturer in Earth and Ocean Sciences at Cardiff University, has been conducting research into the new generation of wireless sensors for pH and H2S in glacial runoff and has been hugely impressed with the simplicity and accuracy of Partech’s IRC sensors for sediment and suspended solids;

‘The Partech IRC sensors are easy to use, reliable, and reveal important information about suspended sediment evacuation from beneath the ice sheet as part of our studies of meltwater in Greenland. This is crucial for understanding what impact the Greenland Ice Sheet has on the ocean, and how changes in ice melt will affect global biogeochemical cycles. I would highly recommend Partech for their reliability and knowledge of suspended solids sensors’

Our IRC range of sensors has been specifically designed to deliver raw signal data without any need for programming or setup, making them perfect for use by universities and research organisations. Results can be sent directly to a logger or a spreadsheet for easy analysis. Teamed with a monitoring package with a power source and weatherproof enclosure, data can be retrieved without needing to visit the site, allowing research teams to keep costs lower and survey wider areas.

Our IRC sensors have been used around the world, to take measurements for theses and doctorates on alpine glacial streams, tropical rainforest rivers and even the Humber Estuary. If you’re looking for reliable, easy-to-use solids and turbidity sensors, why not give our friendly, knowledgeable team a call today.

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