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Case study: Southern Water’s desludge success

Posted by Angus Fosten on March 25, 2015
Partech March Case Study

Sludge blanket level measurement is all well and good in terms of basic volume indication, but what about tank performance or blanket loss?

To improve their overall primary settlement efficiency, Southern Water partnered with two companies (one being Partech) for a three-month trial to introduce a turbidity-based control system to aid in tank performance, blanket loss indication and desludge instigation.

The exclusively designed system used TurbiTechw2 LS sensors on settlement tank outlets, operating alongside Southern Water’s existing Sludgewatch 715 portable sludge blanket monitors.

Partech March case study_pic2

Upon trial completion, the Partech design was chosen against the competing system due to its continuing reliability and accuracy, with the automatic desludging instigation and overall tank performance functions still continuing to impress:

“The Partech monitors have been shown so far to be very reliable in operation and are giving valuable information about tank performance “

Nigel Palmer, Principal Process Engineer

Partech March case study_pic3

Nine sites have now been installed with the new system – including a permanent fit on the trial site – which marks a magnificent step forwards for turbidity-based control systems.

Our team is always eager to talk turbidity, so please get in touch if you’re keen to make the most of this often overlooked parameter; we know we are!


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