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Controlling Sludge in Lamella Clarifiers

Posted by Angus Fosten on November 24, 2016

This month we are focusing on the control of sludge blanket build up in Lamella Clarifiers. Lamella Clarifiers, also known as Inclined Plate Separators (IPS) are in common use at Waste Water Treatment Sites as small footprint plant settlement units and are often employed in place of conventional settling tanks.

Controlling Sludge Blanket Build up

Effluent enters the Lamella Clarifier via an inlet pipe, entering the plates through the side openings where the liquids and solids are then separated. The liquid flows upwards, whereas the solids settle on the plates and slide down into the hopper.

This settlement process is highly effective and operates with minimal maintenance – until the sludge hopper underneath the Lamella plates overfills. When this occurs the upflow of the water through the plates will begin to pick up solids, overcoming the sedimentation process and resulting in solids carrying over into the treated water effluent stream and causing pollution incidents.

Control of the sludge blanket level is essential to ensure discharge consent compliance and efficient control of the treatment process. This is where Partech’s products come in, by using our sludge blanket interface sensors, an alarm can be raised when the sludge hopper is full or the settlement process is failing. We offer a selection of sensors that are for use in conjunction with our range of sludge blanket monitoring instruments, all the sensors use infrared attenuation as their operating principle. The 8100 and 8200 monitors provide an exceptionally simple and reliable method of detecting the sludge blanket level in clarifiers.

Our sludge blanket sensors can be designed into the Lamella Clairifier or retro-fitted, the low cost addition to the clarifier can save money on maintenance, avoid pollution problems and improve the quality of the sludge that is being extracted from the tanks

Advice on sensor selection is available by contacting our Sales Engineers. Please get in touch by calling 01726 879 800 or email [email protected]

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