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Double Solids Success

Posted by Angus Fosten on June 27, 2012
740 Suspended Solids

Partech wins two large contracts for 740 Monitor

United Nations specifies Partech suspended solids monitor

Working through partners around the world Partech have been specified as the supplier to the United Nations for Portable Suspended Solids monitors for use on all humanitarian and peace keeping operations. The monitors are used to help ensure the wastewater produced by these operations has no detrimental effect on the water environment. Chosen for it’s simplicity and reliability the 740 Portable is a highly accurate and dependable tools for monitoring the levels of Suspended Solids in wastewater and surface water applications. It is an ideal replacement for time consuming manual checks on suspended Solids, allowing the plant operators to control the plants without needing to rely on laboratory techniques that are not suited to use in remote locations. The monitor has been designed to work with the minimum of training or background knowledge. The United Nations have currently purchased over 50 instruments and plan to add more over the next year.

Anglian Water settle on Partech for Portable Suspended Solids Monitoring

The need for quick, reliable monitoring of Suspended Solids in activated sludge plants has been solved for Anglian Water by the purchase of 221 of Partech’s 740 Monitors. The traditional method of making suspended solids measurements using a gravimetric test means that results are delayed, making it difficult to adjust a sites performance while on site, the tests are also prone to variation from operator to operator. The 740 Monitor provides an exceptionally easy way of making solids measurements quickly and efficiently and does away with the need for unreliable site tests. Attention can be paid to site performance rather than worries about testing accuracy.

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