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Engineer Diaries – February 2019

Posted by Aidan Patton on March 4, 2019
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February was a very busy month for our Technical Team with lots of installations and site visits across the country.

In this post are some details of what out Technical Support Engineers: Paul, Rupert and Victor got up to in February.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Site Langdon:

Rupert an engineer of ours was in charge of the this installation. It was a simple final effluent monitoring system consisting of one 7300w² Monitor, TurbiTechw² LS Sensor, one MicroMac Soluble iron analyser. The TurbiTech LS was mounted in the final effluent chamber using Partech’s Mounting shafts. A cable then runs through a duct into a nearby building, The MicroMac is mounted in the same building and receives a sample via a TP4000 peristaltic pump mounted beneath the analyser. Plastic tubing is run through the same ducts as the TurbiTech into the final effluent chamber providing this sample but also a gravity drain from the analyser. The analyser performs a sample every 3 hours.

Anglian Water Fornham All Saints:

Our Lead Support Engineer Paul carried out a Service contract warranty repair on a final effluent MicroMac ammonia analyser here. As part of our service contracts we attend/repair within 5 working days.

Tarmac Bedhampton Quay:

Paul carried out an onsite annual calibration service on a 7200 monitor and IR100 sensor. The instruments on this site have been going for over 10 years and are still working well, just showing how reliable Partech’s products are.

Southern Water Portswood:

Rupert commissioned a monitoring system on this site, that consisted of four SludgeWatch ultras and six TurbiTechw² LA MLSS Sensors.

Dairy Crest Camelford:

Rupert carried out a service contract visit (12 visits a year) to Dairy Crest in Camelford. This monthly service includes service/calibration of 2 MicroMac Phosphate Analysers, 4 TurbiTechw² LA Sensors, a TurbiTechw² LS Sensor, 3 GAL Dissolved Oxygen sensors, one RDO Pro-X and 1 pH8000. We have instruments at different stages of there effluent plant process from inlet to settlement tanks to final effluent.

Reighton Sands Holiday Park:

Paul carried out a service contract visit at Reighton Sands Holiday Park in Yorkshire. They currently have a consent to discharge water into the sea, due to it being a beach they have to monitor ammonia output into the sea, they do this using one of our MicroMac ammonia analysers. We visit this site 4 times each year.

Maltings Great Ryburgh:

Paul went to a very cold Norfolk to calibrate various equipments on there waste water plant. This included a TurbiTechw² LS Sensor, TurbiTechw² LA Sensor and a SoliTech IL. This site processes Barley which is used by Breweries for making beer/ale etc.

Cornwall Training:

Finally, we have Victor who has played a huge role in the returning and training for our products. He has been busy of the last month training Imerys employees on site and in the office on how to service and calibrate our 7300/TurbiTechw² LS systems.

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