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Engineers Diaries – January 2020

Posted by Aidan Patton on February 1, 2020

Our Engineers were back to work at the start of 2020 visiting sites all over the UK. Our Sales Engineers also travelled to lots of customer networking events across the country.

Paul Norman – Sales Engineers

Paul had a busy month travelling across the country to help out lots of customers. He went to a Southern Water site near Southampton to assist their ICA Techs in calibrating and setting up the 7300w² Monitor’s and TurbiTechw² LA‘s on that site. The site conditions had changed over time so the customer needed advice on how to range the sensors in line with the changing site loading.

He also carried out site surveys on multiple Anglian sites as part of a large project they are looking at to increase monitoring of their Primary and Final settlement tanks on sewage treatment works.

He then attended the British Water International forum meeting in London. This is useful to gain some knowledge of markets outside the UK and identify areas where we can focus our export work.

After that he travelled up to the north of the UK to meet with Northumbrian Water. This was in relation to a specific project on a drinking water site where our ASLD is installed to help them monitor the sludge levels in their clarifiers.

Finally he went to Crisp Malt in Bungay, Suffolk to assist the customer with the setup and calibration of their DO probes.

Anjie Stevens – Sales Engineer

Anjie spent her month meeting existing customers and networking across the country. She went to a British Water NI water liaison meeting, then to meet Civil and Environmental. She then finished the month at a SWIG event.

Paul Deacon – Lead Technical Support Engineer

Commissioned a newly installed Iron and Ortho-P Micromac at Welsh Water Raglan. They are also using a 7300/TT/PH8000 on the final effluent point. The system feeds the sensor signals back to the site SCADA system via profibus. Photo attached.
Routine 3 monthly service work at Welsh Water sites Pembroke Dock, Clunderwen, Langdon,  Parc-Y-Splott, Pontyberem, Llanelli and Gowerton

Rupert Phillips – Technical Support Engineers

I did a regular analyser service visits to Anglian Water and commissioned a new Ortho-P analyser at Bourton in Wessex. I did some training as well at Salisbury for some operators, giving them an overview of the analysers

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