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Engineers Diary – May 2019

Posted by Aidan Patton on June 5, 2019
Land Rover by the quarry

May was another great month for our sales and technical engineers. With lots of travelling across the country.

In this post there are a brief description of what our sales and technical support  engineers got up to in May.

A map of sites visited in May

Cheriton Fitzpaine, Torrington and St Leonards:

Our Lead Technical Support Engineers Paul D was at 3 different South West Water sites last month, he commissioned a MicroMac Total Phosphorus and Aluminium Analyser system at each of them. All 3 of the sites also had 7300w² Monitors and TurbiTechw² LS to monitor Turbidity on the outlet of Primary Settlement Tanks. The output signals from the TurbiTechw² LS and 7300w² Monitors where being used to control aluminium dosing to enhance the removal of particulate, colloidal and dissolved substances.


Ibstock Quarry:

Paul also commissioned a 7300w² Monitor and TurbiTechw² LS system at Ibstock Quarry in Leicester. They were using the TurbiTechw² LS to monitor suspended solids levels in the final settlement lagoon before the water was allowed to discharge to river.


One of our Technical Support Engineers Rupert installed an ALSD2200 in Wearhead. This was a tricky one as the IR40 sensor had to fit between Lamella Plates and behind a cable tray.

Engineers Engineers

Sales Engineers – Paul Norman – Laybrook Quarry:

One of our Sales Engineers Paul N visited Laybrook Quarry on the south coast of the UK to carry out a site survey. They were looking to monitor discharge from their settlement ponds in order to stay under their discharge consent. Paul said “It was not a normal site survey as it involved a very bumpy 2 mile ride in and old Land Rover across the quarry to the final discharge point. Given the remote nature of the location it is likely we will have to use radio telemetry to get the signals from the monitor back to the control room. Nice to have a challenging installation every now and then rather than some of the simple run of the mill solutions we get involved with. The weather was also good so it was one of those days where I felt I have the best job in the world, certainly better than removing probes from sewage plants!”

Engineers Engineers


Our Sales Manager David Wilson has attended some important events over the last 2 months.

He has met with lots of our distributors all over the world. He went to Indonesia to visit and train a distributor who recently purchased seventy-five 750w² monitors. He had training with a new distributor in Singapore and also more training in Denmark.

In May he completed a 100 mile closed bike race in birmingham. Completing the race in 6 hours 58 minutes including getting a puncture.

And most recently he did some training with Chemscan in the USA.


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