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Environment focus: Oil on Water

Posted by Angus Fosten on February 20, 2015
OilTechw² FLT Sensor on Water

No matter where you are in the world, which industry or the amount of wastewater involved, there’s always one thing which strikes fear into the heart of every plant worker: oil on water.

As damaging to the environment as it is to process equipment and effluent quality, oil on water is the nightmare to rival all nightmares, especially when drinking water is concerned.

However, from a factory in the south west of England came a piece of equipment known as the OilTechw² FLT Oil on Water Sensor, a breakthrough invention now used across the world from Northern Ireland Water to Heathrow Airport to US military bases in South Korea.

The advent of the buoyant, unsinkable OilTechw2 FLT sensor with its non-contact optical and self-cleaning abilities has replaced many traditional (and unreliable) fused alarm systems. This is especially true in treatment plants neighbouring recreational waterways where floating oil is a particular threat.

To help plant workers sleep at night, insignificant disturbances are simply shrugged off by the unique sensory and floatation system, only raising the alarm should genuine fault conditions arise.

An especially versatile sensor, it is fully customisable to suit environments exclusive to particular industries – after all, there’s a reason why it’s chosen by everyone from Northern Ireland Water to the US Military.

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