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Exclusive: Introducing the new TurbiTechw2 D-ISO turbidity sensor

Posted by Angus Fosten on October 31, 2016
WWEM 2014

We have some exciting news and you are the very first to read about it! This 2nd – 3rd November at the WWEM Show in Telford we will be launching the latest sensor in Partech’s WaterWatchw2 range – the TurbiTechw2 D-ISO turbidity sensor.

As it’s name implies, the TurbiTechw2 D-ISO turbidity sensor is a fully ISO7027 compliant device and has been specifically designed for drinking water and low range turbidity applications. The product has been made, as all of Partech’s products have been, with the customer in mind. It uses the latest LED technology and with a full range of 0-200 NTU/FNU/FTU it provides unparalleled accuracy and ease of use for raw and final water monitoring.

Features & benefits of the TurbiTechw2 D-ISO turbidity sensor:

  • The D-ISO benefits from it’s connection to the 7300w² Monitor, which provides a straightforward menu structure and comprehensive functionality, including the option to connect up to 8 sensors from the WaterWatchw2 range. Click here for more information on the 7300w² Monitor

  • The D-ISO is fitted, as standard, with an automatic cleaning system so that user maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum

  • The annual cleaning process (including wiper blade replacement) takes no more than 5 minutes, meaning that the unit is effectively never offline

  • The D-ISO’s superior accuracy of +/-2% of reading down to a detection limit of 0.01NTU/FNU/FTU means that it is the perfect choice for final water monitoring on drinking water treatment works

  • The D-ISO uses dry block calibration, a feature of Partech’s low range turbidity solutions for over 15 years. The dry block units eliminate the use of hazardous Formazin solution from the process, saving time when verifying the units. The dry block units can also be used with multiple instruments and are easily replaced

  • The D-ISO light source means that the turbidity measurements you make today are directly comparable with the measurements you have made in the past. This is unlike some competitor sensors where the light source is reflected off internal mirrors causing additional scattering, loss of intensity and uncertainty

The product release date will be in January 2017 – come along to the WWEM show in Telford on the 2nd_3rd November and let us show you how Partech can help you with drinking water turbidity measurements.

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