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Flint Michigan Water Crisis  – Governor Rick Snyder and Officials Face Racketeering Lawsuit

Posted by Angus Fosten on May 5, 2016
Glass of Water

The details of the Flint Michigan Water Crisis are deepening as hundreds of Flint residents file a federal racketeering lawsuit against Michigan’s Governor, Rick Snyder, and other state and local officials.

We’ve written about the Flint Michigan Water Crisis as we’ve followed its developments over recent months, after significant levels of lead were found in the water, rendering it useless and dangerous for residents. The impact came when the decision was made to switch the Flint water supply from the safe Detroit water system to the Flint River back in April 2014. The decision was made to cut costs and was planned to be a temporary measure until the day came when Flint could claim water from Lake Huron from another water authority.

So, what’s the lawsuit?

The lawsuit filed by over 400 people is against Governor Snyder and other officials and claims that there was a ‘wrongful scheme’ undertaken to benefit Flint financially with its debt. Officials have admitted that advice to not treat the water with anti-corrosive chemicals was given in error which then caused lead to leach from old pipes. The lead infused water reached homes, businesses and schools and levels of lead in the blood of children within the city of Flint jumped after the water switch.

The effect of lead on children can be quite damaging as it can lead to damage in brain development, the cause of behavioural problems as well as having the potential to cause adult sickness.

The lawsuit claims that ‘unthinkable harm has been inflicted on the residents of Flint’ by several parties – Government Snyder, the departments of Environmental Quality and Health and Human Services, as well as a selection of state officials and emergency managers that were appointed by Snyder. Additionally, two Flint utility officials and thee consulting companies are also under fire, as well as the city of Flint itself.

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