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Drinking (Potable) Water

We have proven that having Partech products within a process chain not only increases measurement accuracy, but also improves the performance of any given site.

With our drinking water measurement solutions utilising site drains, effluent discharge, sludge treatment and multiple settlement stages (amongst others) you can provide clean, clear water whilst saving money and improving efficiency.

Our emphasis on ease of use means that process control isn’t an issue with Partech – multiple signals through a single monitor results in less expense and a straightforward system that all staff can use.

8100 Monitor with Radio Transmitter

Sludge Blanket Detection

Detecting the presence of the Sludge Blanket at a fixed level is one of the simplest ways of carrying out this control measurement

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ASLD2200 On Site

Sludge Blanket Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the sludge/water interface or sludge blanket is central to the efficient operation of clarifiers, thickeners and settlement tanks

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TurbiTechw² D-ISO

Turbidity (Drinking Water)

Turbidity is an excellent early indicator of process problems, high intake turbidity will cause filter problems and possible blockages and an increase in turbidity in the final water can indicate filter failure and is an indicator of possible cryptosporidum in the water.

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Aeration Diffused

pH Monitoring

The pH of water provides critical information for controlling the treatment system, whether this is drinking water or wastewater.

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