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General Industry

Mineral, mining and quarrying are examples of industries that have benefited from our products and outstanding customer service.

We can assist in measurements of site drainage, effluent discharge, balance tanks and final settlement as well as flocculation, dewatering, DAFF, lamella processes and various other tertiary treatments.

The versatility and ease of use of the Partech catalogue, coupled with supreme customer support and our unrivalled product expertise means we can add efficiency to any industry.

FlexTech Cleaning System

Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen is the key measurement in optimising the operation of Activated Sludge Plants

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Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS)

Measuring Suspended Solids in Mixed Liquor is a critical part of controlling and optimising the treatment process, ensuring effective treatment while reducing energy use

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Aeration Surface Dissolved Oxygen

Returned Activated Sludge (RAS or Suspended Solids)

RAS measurement will ensure that the solids being returned to the activated sludge plant are in the right concentration range

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8100 Monitor with Radio Transmitter

Sludge Blanket Detection

Detecting the presence of the Sludge Blanket at a fixed level is one of the simplest ways of carrying out this control measurement

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ASLD2200 On Site

Sludge Blanket Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the sludge/water interface or sludge blanket is central to the efficient operation of clarifiers, thickeners and settlement tanks

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Aeration Fine Bubbles

Suspended Solids

Measurement of Suspended Solids is key to reliable process control of activated sludge plants and is frequently prescribed as a discharge consent parameter

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Effluent Channel

Turbidity (Discharge Monitoring)

Monitoring Final Effluent Suspended Solids or Turbidity is a key parameter for assessing the quality of the effluent in respect of meeting discharge consent and permitting level

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7200 Inlet Municipal

Turbidity for Coagulant Control

Use of Turbidity as a dosing control parameter for coagulant addition

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Wastewater Temperature Monitoring

Simple yet effective measurement to aid the control of activated sludge plants and as a discharge monitor

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Aeration Diffused

pH Monitoring

The pH of water provides critical information for controlling the treatment system, whether this is drinking water or wastewater.

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