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Sludge Density

Monitoring In Line Sludge Density or Suspended Solids

In-line measurement of sludge density and/or suspended solids has a major impact on the effectiveness of monitoring the solids content in sludge, from the intake stage through to treatment and disposal. Using information collected from online instruments, the operator can automatically control the de-sludging of settlement tanks and the return of activated sludge to the secondary treatment process.

Such measurements provide a highly accurate solution to ensuring that the sludge has the optimum solids content, too low wastes energy in the sludge treatment phase, too high causes pumping problems and runs the risk of breakdown of the settling process.

Partech’s inline sensor uses infrared back-scatter to provide a highly effective monitoring package, the sapphire optical window is resistant to fouling and the sensor is offered with a ball-valve arrangement to allow easy access, under pressure for calibration and maintenance. Infrared light based sensors have a major advantage over ultrasonic alternatives in that entrained air does not blind the sensor, making activated sludge operation an option and removing sensitivity to bends in pipe work.

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