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Turbidity (Drinking Water)

Monitoring Turbidity in the Drinking Water Process

Turbidity is an excellent early indicator of process problems, high intake levels will cause filter problems and possible blockages and an increase in turbidity in the final water can indicate filter failure and is an indicator of possible cryptosporidum in the water.

Dosing and energy savings can be made by using Turbidity as a control parameter. Dosing levels can be adapted to suit the performance of the site and hence save money when Turbidity is low. The plant can also react quickly to changes in the inlet Turbidity preventing problems with the final water quality. Filter Backwashing can be automatically controlled by using a Turbidity Monitor to monitor the effectiveness of the backwash process, thus reducing water usage.

The measurement of turbidity can be carried out in number of ways. Operator observation will allow experienced site personnel to make good process control decisions, however this is very dependent on the knowledge of the operator and can lead to problems during times of increased workload, holiday or sickness. Handheld Turbidity Monitors offer a more consistent set of data but are still dependent on the operators skill and only provide information when the site is manned causing the process to be uncontrolled overnight and at weekends.

Continuous On-Line Monitoring reduces the need for time-consuming laboratory analysis, removing operator dependency from the measurement. Real-time monitoring provides more accurate and reliable process control. This improves plant efficiency by providing stability and continuity to the treatment process.

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7300w² Monitor

The core product in the WaterWatch² range - the 7300w² Monitor provides all the user interface and system configuration

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Turbidity D-ISO

TurbiTechw² D-ISO Sensor

An automatic self cleaning low range turbidity sensor.

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