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Meet the Distributor – Instrumatics – New Zealand

Posted by Angus Fosten on October 18, 2015

Each month we’re talking to one of our distributors so that you can get to know them a little better. This month we spoke to Derek at Instrumatics New Zealand to see what he thought of Partech…

Hi Derek, how long have you been affiliated with Partech?

It’s been quite a while now, eight years.

So you must like the products, what are the best things about Partech water instruments?

I think we like the fact that they’re specialised for the water industries. The New Zealand industry is very similar to the UK so the marketing, product discussions, pricing and applications are really easy to promote in our local market.

We like to match our clients with the best products, so for instance unique products like the SludgeWatch715 Sludge Blanket Detector and the TurbiTech Sensors are really easy to promote once we’ve identified a client’s needs.

We also get a lot of positive feedback from our operators with regards to Partech’s transmitters, which are easily the most modular and simple to use on the market. It seems as if a lot of large instrument brands are creating extremely confusing menus and operational requirements which makes them a lot less enjoyable to use.

But there are other areas that make Partech such a great supplier; they’re extremely flexible and respond to us quickly, which is great for us as a distributor.

Do you have a favourite product?

Our favourite product is the SludgeWatch 715 Portable Sludge Blanket Detector, however, we also think the TurbiTech sensors could be a big seller!

If there could be a new invention to revolutionise the water industry, what do you think it would be?

Not an easy question, however, a non-contact sludge blanket detector (for use when a traditional level sensor won’t work) would be very unique to the market and I’m sure there’d be a high demand for it!

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