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New Generation of Products Launched by Partech

Posted by Angus Fosten on May 27, 2010
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Partech Instruments has announced the introduction of the new ‘Waterwatch Range of water quality monitoring products for applications in effluent, water and wastewater treatment. This new development is built around advanced 7300² Monitor which incorporates RS485 digital communications with a suite of industry-proven sensors, including the latest version of the TurbiTech self-cleaning sensor.

With the development of the WaterWatch² Range Partech is now offering a multiple sensor capability for its Suspended Solids, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity and Sludge Density, pH, Ammonia and Oil on Water sensors. Working with the Partech 7300² will enable customers to make space savings, generate cost savings in terms of hardware and achieve higher levels of operating efficiency. The 7300² Monitor is now available allowing users access to two conventional 4-20mA analog output signals. Also available is an advanced 7300² Monitor providing the option of Profibus Serial Communications, which allows plant designers and fabricators to reduce installation costs and plant managers to more readily access vital plant data in order to take action or determine if a site visit is justified.

“The WaterWatch² Range takes advantage of the simple, easy-to-use menu structure that users of existing Partech monitors are already familiar with,” says Angus Fosten, Partech Sales and Marketing Director. “We have built on this facility by adding larger and bolder graphical displays to present process measurement data and instrument set-up parameters. The monitors also feature on-board logging and trending capabilities.”

Angus Fosten says that this development represents a ‘platform’ of advanced instrumentation designed to meet the requirements of Partech’s customers well into the future. “We have made a detailed study of our customer’s requirements and requests and taken into account the global market in which the water industry operates,” continues Angus Fosten. “The WaterWatch² Range will take our proven technologies into a new era and create more opportunities for all our customers. We shall be backing up the WaterWatch Range² with our Customer Support Service package, which provides a wide range of services including site survey visits to determine the nature of the application and identify the correct locations for instruments. This includes a fully trained Profibus engineer, together with the full range of Partech after sales training, installation and service contracts.”

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