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New Product: Sensorex UVT – LED

Posted by Angus Fosten on April 15, 2015
UVT LED PW with Float Mount

The Sensorex method of UVT is certainly causing a stir in the world of UV transmittance, and the flexibility of the Sensorex UVT-LED system has certainly opened the door on once-hidden optimisation opportunities.

Featuring patent pending UV-C LED light source technology (therefore avoiding unwanted ‘drift’ seen when multiple lamps and sensors are involved), this online approach to transmittance can be installed directly into piped and open channel environments as well as being used offline

…but why is this on a Partech blog? Well, with the ability to connect three sensors via our Triple Validation Unit, you’ve numerous readings on one, easy to read LCD screen – with alert readings for equipment malfunction without the need for headache-inducing process shutdown

Sensorex is quickly becoming common sense for UV system control. Contact any of our team to discuss how you can implement online UVT monitoring today.

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