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Landfill Turbidity

Posted by Angus Fosten on June 27, 2009

Partech helps Dosing Control

A problem that almost all landfill sites face is the treatment of surface water run off and in particular removing suspended solids prior to discharge. The problem is all the more acute, where the landfill site is at Deep Moor in a rural area above one of Devon’s most beautiful river valleys and is a haven for aquatic wildlife. Partech have worked in conjunction with Greenacre Pumps of Newton Abbot to provide a reliable and cost effective dosing system.

Key features of the Partech Turbidity or Suspended Solids Monitors are, ease of installation, excellent reliability, low cost of ownership and the self cleaning optical system.

The dosing control system uses the Turbidity and Flow signals to adjust the level of dosing to suit the conditions of the site. This active dosing control reduces chemical usage and hence saves money, it also avoids the danger of over dosing which is a pollution hazard .

For Devon Waste Management, surface water run off from its Deep Moor site outside Great Torrington, goes back into the water course and eventually back into the River Torridge. However, before it is discharged into a local stream, the water is subjected to a treatment process that following an upgrade in 2005 now incorporates a flocculating dosing system that is reliant on the performance of two Partech Turbi-Tech monitors.

“The dosing system is very special because we have always wanted to ensure that the site has operated as a truly effective system, “explains Colin Brown, Devon Waste Managements Projects Manager at Deep Moor. “The challenge that we face here at Deep Moor is the very wide turbidity which results from the different conditions on site. Coupled with this are the varying water run off flows which can range from 10l/sec up to 80l/sec. The system had to cope with a huge range on both scales.”

The effectiveness of the new flocculent dosing system has been quickly identified by the operators at Deep Moor, who report that since the system was commissioned in the autumn of 2005 it has provided the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency throughout the rigours of winter and the unusually dry summer.

“The Turbi-Tech sensor has been designed to cope with the problems of fouling that are inevitably associated with effluent treatment”, says Angus Fosten, Partech’s Sales and Marketing Manager. “The Turbi-Tech is ideal for Landfill applications where the monitoring location is often some distance from the site offices because it incorporates a self cleaning mechanism that ensures accurate, reliable measurement without routine operator involvement.”

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