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Drinks company dilemma solved by Partech

Posted by Angus Fosten on May 15, 2014
Drinks Problem

Partech have delivered impressive results after being approached by a major drinks company to monitor wastewater points across an enclosed inner-city site.

A number of storm drains, each with their own sampling requirements, needed to be monitored in order for the drinks factory to be alerted to potentially hazardous effluent leakages.

Partech’s Sales Engineer, Andrew Wallace, said: “The company came to Partech not knowing where to start. They knew there was a problem that needed to be solved and contacted us in the hope that we could fix it. Through the combination of an in-depth site visit and detailed discussions, we presented a solution using a selection of our products to fulfill their needs.”

The equipment used includes an Organic Pollution Monitor, pH and temperature monitors and an ‘envirovalve’ – an inflatable valve that expands when necessary in order to prevent wastewater escaping. Partech were originally required to monitor just two wastewater points, but discussions led to three being regulated – and in doing so have since prevented a major pollution incident.

Andrew added: “Thanks to our products and project know-how we are proud to say we’ve played a key role in protecting the environment.” Partech have a five-year service contract to maintain the monitoring system, visiting the site quarterly.

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