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Partech’s Easy Installation Promise

Posted by Angus Fosten on February 27, 2015
Aeration Surface

We’re not just easy to talk to, oh no, amiability runs throughout Partech – even down to our products!

The Partech portfolio is not only designed to be as user friendly as possible in terms of operation and maintenance, but also to install. (Export Manager David Wilson even claims to be able to do it!)

Northern Ireland Water has recently benefited from our easy-fit approach in an equipment trial, as the original equipment had failed on site.

Air compressors and unnecessarily expensive tools simply aren’t needed in order to get Partech in situ on site, which is one of the aspects of the company that has led to our worldwide recognition.

Our dissolved oxygen, pH and ORP sensors are prime examples of easily installable instrumentation and everything you require will be outlined in a simple site survey. Ongoing support from our engineer team can give you the answer to any questions, however trivial they may seem.

Complete plant refit? No problem, we have a team of fully qualified, CSCS registered, environmentally conscious engineers trained in every aspect of measurement instrumentation: from electrical installation to chemical handling for our analysers.

In short, there’s nothing stopping water treatment plants benefiting from easy to install, British-built, globally respected measurement instrumentation. Those still not persuaded to try and ‘fit your own’ need only to take a look at our portables range!

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