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Partech’s products lead the way in the water Industry

Posted by Angus Fosten on May 15, 2014
pH Sensor

Partech’s revised WaterTechw² pH8000 and Redox8000 Sensor

Cementing their place as UK leaders in water quality measurement equipment, Partech have launched two innovative new products: an addition to their hugely successful WaterWatch² range and an easy to use Triple Validation Unit. Partech’s first release adds to the pioneering WaterWatch² range.

The WaterTechw² pH8000 Sensor is a specialised electrode to take pinpoint accurate pH and temperature readings across a range of water treatment scenarios. Suitable for use in surface, waste and drinking water environments, the flat-surfaced electrode features an Extended Path Reference (ERP) and a gel fill to act against contaminants whilst utilising Partech with the tried and tested self-cleaning technology.

Partech’s Sales and Marketing Director, Angus Fosten, said: “We’re really excited with the release of this new sensor it’s robust design and flat face electrode are great for producing accurate and reliable readings in wastewater applications.” The flexible self-cleaning mounting system that is offered with the dip sensors has been proven to be highly effective and very low cost. There is no need for expensive, maintenance hungry compressors and no wiper blades to gather rags. This self- cleaning option can be applied to inlet, activated sludge and final effluent applications, greatly extending the time between manual intervention.”

New Triple Validation Unit

The second of Partech’s January announcements is an easy to use Triple Validation Unit. Already an accepted industry standard in many water treatment facilities, the user-configurable triple validation algorithms allow operators to ensure robust and reliable control of parameters such as pH and Chlorine.

Regarding the new Triple Validation Unit, Angus said: “We are offering an easy to use unit to perform triple validation. We have achieved a robust, reliable product for the international market.”

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