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PR19 Negotiations – a supplier view

Posted by Angus Fosten on March 20, 2018

The UK water industry has recently been in the spotlight, issues with leakage following the ‘beast from the east’ and speeches by politicians from both left and right challenging industry leaders to look at their corporate governance.

This increased public scrutiny, combined with the early stages of PR19 negotiation, mean that key suppliers such as Partech are listening carefully to water industry voices to hear not only the words being said but also the underlying messages being conveyed. 

The indications from OFWAT are of ever tougher targets including 100% compliance with drinking water standards and an aim for zero pollution incidences, backed by an expectation of upper quartile performance (roughly translated as 75% of the industry will fail to meet the standards set by the best 25%!) This creates market opportunities for suppliers with the capability to innovate solutions to meet these ever more demanding obligations and the commitment to deliver top level customer service.

Partech have successfully introduced an improved Total Phosphorous analyser, which has excellent performance, better than 3% error against lab tests – compared with greater than 10% for alternative products at the key 0.1 mg/l levels that the EA are indicating in their WISER strategy paper.

As Vice Chair of British Water’s Municipal Forum, I have been actively involved in excellent innovation exchanges and as Chair next year I hope to help British Water in it’s work supporting the water industry supply chain deal with the challenges that the next few years will bring.

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