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Meet the Distributor – Process Plus

Posted by Angus Fosten on September 22, 2015

Last month we spoke to Fluidquip Australia to find out about their experiences as a Partech water instruments distributor; this month we spoke to Tom Mcfadyen at Process Plus, to ask him a few choice questions…

How long have you been affiliated with Partech?

Since I’ve had hair! We’ve been supplying instrumentation for over 25 years and Partech has been there the whole time. We really like the products and their reliability; our relationship has grown from strength to strength.

What are the best things about Partech products?

Partech is like a cottage industry, still privately owned in the face of conglomeration. That’s what makes them a great company! The products have always reflected the care and consideration that comes from every member of the team being so closely involved with all the products.

Do you have a favourite?

I’ve always loved the Turbi-Tech sensors! The sensors are extremely accurate and really reliable in wastewater treatment plants.

If there could be a new invention to revolutionise the water industry, what do you think it would be?

Gosh, that’s a tough one. I’d love to know, because to be honest, if I knew, I’d be making it!

Thanks Process Plus!

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