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Product focus: OxyTechw² RDO Pro-X Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Posted by Angus Fosten on January 11, 2017
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

We are kick starting the New Year by focusing on the  OxyTechw² RDO Pro-X Dissolved Oxygen Sensor  – the latest in optical sensing technology!

The sensor is the perfect choice for measuring Dissolved Oxygen in some of the more challenging wastewater, drinking water, industrial effluent and surface water environments.The OxyTechw² RDO Pro-X Dissolved Oxygen Sensor means you can easily maintain correct levels of Dissolved Oxygen and keep water treatment effective and safe, reducing wasted energy and unnecessary wear and tear to your systems.

Benefits of the OxyTechw² RDO Pro-X Dissolved Oxygen Sensor:

  • The sensor uses optical sensing techniques that provide a fast response and do not need a flowing sample to operate
  • The FlexTech Mounting System places the sensor below the surface of the tank to prevent build up of Biofilm
  • There is no requirement for routine calibrations or manual cleaning of the sensor – enabling manual intervention to be kept to an absolute minimum
  • Periodic validation of the measurement can be done as part of standard quality assurance performed by the operator
  • The sensor uses an extended life cap that does not have a finite life (replacement of the cap is recommended every two years)
  • When replacement of the cap is required, the operation is swift with no need to enter complex set up codes and no need to re-calibrate


  • Activated Sludge Control
  • Drinking Water Processing
  • Reservoir Water Quality & River Monitoring

The sensor is part of the WaterWatch² family and is compatible with the 7300w² Monitor, it can also be combined with the TurbiTechw² LA sensor to provide an extremely cost effective package for controlling activated sludge plants.

Want to find out more about this product? Contact a Partech sales engineer today on 01726 879 800 to see how we can help save you time and money on measuring Dissolved Oxygen.


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