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Product focus: pH and ORP

Posted by Angus Fosten on February 4, 2015
Watertech pH8000

Focusing on pH and ORP:

Turbidity, phosphorous and dissolved oxygen can often reign supreme when regarding water quality measurement, especially in waste water and drinking water systems.

There are, however, two effluent characteristics that can often go overlooked in such industries: pH and ORP. Fortunately, there are answers within the Partech portfolio to utilise such instances:

pH is best measured through a flat-faced electrode such as the Partech Watertechw2 pH8000 sensor, with its extended reference path and self cleaning technology making it a robust, reliable results vessel.

Suitable even for use in areas of high fouling, a specially designed mounting shaft can be assembled so that no process area is out of bounds.

ORP, or measurement of redox, is a niche measurement specific to water processes such as chlorination within cooling towers and aeration tank conditions.

Redox readings using the Watertechw2 Redox8000 Redox/ORP Sensor goes much deeper than dissolved oxygen in terms of measurement, with a unique ability to record anoxic and anaerobic conditions, chemical activity and disinfectant performance within treatment solutions.

As part of our hugely successful Waterwatch2 range, the above pH and ORP sensors are the perfect partner to our ColTechw2, Turbitechw2, Oxytechw2 and Oiltechw2 products.

To discuss installation of pH or ORP measurement into your processes, please contact us for a free site survey.

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