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Product Focus: UVT-LED Handheld

Posted by Angus Fosten on May 31, 2017
UVT- LED Portable

This month the focus is on the UVT-LED Handheld unit – a simple to use handheld device for monitoring UV Transmittance in water and wastewater.

What is UVT?

UV Transmittance refers to the percentage of light at the wavelength of 254 nm that passes through a sample of water. UVT relates to the organics, colloidal solids and suspended particles that absorb and scatter this wavelength of UV light. Alternative terms include: UV-Transmissivity, UV Transmission, %T, T-10 – all meaning pretty much the same.

Why monitor UVT?

UV treatment systems are expensive to run. By adjusting the power to the treatment system to suit the water condition, significant savings can be achieved. There is an added benefit of alarms being made available to site operators that upstream site performances that may be performing poorly.

Why use the UVT-LED Handheld?

Using the portable unit is a cost effective method for customers to check their systems and get an idea of energy savings before investing in and installing a permanent system. The unique, patent pending design utilises a single lamp and sensor, eliminating drift seen in designs using multiple lamps and sensors.

Partech work closely with Sensorex our US supplier to bring this product to you. Please contact a Sales Engineer today if you require further information.


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