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7200 Monitor, Turbi-Tech 2000 & IL55BV2 Sensors

Posted by Angus Fosten on February 21, 2017
7200 Monitor

At Partech we pride ourselves on the continued development of our products. After many years of service the 7200 Monitor, Turbi-Tech 2000 & IL55BV2 Sensors are ceasing manufacture.The Monitor and Sensors have been succeeded by the WaterWatch² Range detailed in the table below.

7300w² & TurbiTechw² Sensors

Replacement Products

The 7300w² Monitor is the core product in the WaterWatch² range. The monitor is designed to interface with all of the sensors in the WaterWatch² range. The monitor specification provides all the connections required for 1 or 2 sensors, systems can be created by the use of expansion boxes to include multiple sensors.

We will continue to offer Repairs, Servicing and Technical Support for the next 5 years for 7200 Monitor and it’s , unless circumstances out of our control prevent us from doing so.

Please note that the new and old product ranges are not compatible – therefore if a sensor needs replacing then a new Monitor will also need to be purchased.

A range of upgrade pricing arrangements have been put in place on a customer by customer basis. For advice or queries on these obsolete products, please contact your Partech Sales Engineer who will be happy to help and advice on these product changes.

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