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Product Obsolescence: 8100 & 8200 Monitors

Posted by Aidan Patton on May 16, 2019
8100 & 8200 Monitor

Product Obsolescence statement for 8100 & 8200 monitors.

After many years service the 8100 & 8200 Monitors have ceased manufacture. They have been replaced by the 8200w² Monitor.

We will continue to offer repairs and servicing on the old products for as long as reasonably possible. This is planned for 5 years unless circumstances out of our control prevent us.

Technical support will continue for these products for as long as our customers need it.

product obsolescence

You will need a SoliTechw² IR Sensor for use with the 8200w² Monitor. A range of upgrade pricing arrangements have been put in place on a customer by customer basis. If you have any concerns please talk to your normal Partech sales contact.

The IR100, IR40, IR15, IR8 will continue to be available as replacement parts.

For anymore product obsolescence statements please see the news page.

Also check out Partech’s instagram for more content.

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