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Product of the Month – Handy Polaris 2 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter with Datalogger

Posted by Angus Fosten on October 25, 2016

This month the focus is on the Handy Polaris 2 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter with Datalogger. Over the summer months we have seen increased interest in the instrument. Warmer temperatures can affect the chemistry, biological processes and dissolved oxygen levels in water, making the Handy Polaris 2 a popular choice.

The Handy Polaris 2 is great for monitoring Dissolved Oxygen in reservoirs, rivers, aquaculture and water treatment process. Measuring Dissolved Oxygen in Activated Sludge Plants is a vital part of process control. The Polaris makes this an easy, fast and reliable process, allowing users to check process performance and the accuracy of any online instrumentation.

The Handy Polaris 2 has the advantage of being a dependable, accurate and low maintenance portable instrument. It benefits from advances in sensor performance and improved calibration accuracy whilst maintaining the ease of use of the Handy Beta.

Advantages of the Meter include;

  • Datalogging and transfer capabilities

  • Stores 3000 sets of full data, each with values of mg.1 (ppm), % saturation, temperature, time and date

  • Values can be stored either automatically or manually

  • Data transfer to PC using the Polaris link via a USB cable

  • Automatic calibration and self-check of the probe and meter

  • Extremely long battery life – 1400 hours use from the 9v alkaline battery

  • On screen instructions, user selectable language and main display parameter

  • Compensates for changes in temperature

Advantages of the Probe include;

  • Selfpolarising, galvanic sensor which is selftemperature compensating and can be stored dry

  • Probe renovation is simple and fast when needed. There is no need for any maintenance other than wiping the sensor clean after use

  • Excellent long term stability

  • Remarkable response time

Find out more about this product here or contact a member of the Sales Team on 01726 879 800


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