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740 Portable Suspended Solids Monitor


This product is no longer in production – please see 750w² Monitor for new requirements

The 740 Monitor provides, quick and accurate readings of Suspended Solids, Sludge Blanket Level, and Turbidity via an intuitive menu structure from a totally portable package. The robust IP65 enclosure incorporates a security strap and protective case to prevent accidental dropping, impact damage and abrasion of the display surface. The display itself is a high contrast LCD that has been designed to work over a wide temperature range with no loss of clarity. A rugged carrying case holds the above, together with the measuring probe, cable, battery charger and instruction manual.

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The 740 Monitor includes capability for up to ten customer programmed user profiles, each defined by site specific calibrations to cater for differences in the effluents being monitored. A retrospective adjustment to the calibration for each site is also possible via a unique menu facility that enables a specific sensor output to be stored in memory at the same time as a liquid sample is taken. The gravimetric analysis of the suspended solids level in the sample is then returned to the monitor as the final calibration figure. Further site calibration enhancement is afforded by the ten-point look up table, allowing the monitor to accurately measure suspended solids in vast majority of applications.
The achievable accuracy and ease of use make the 740 Portable ideal for regular checking of suspended solids levels to process or legislated requirements in activated sludge plants, final effluent outfalls, treatment plant inlets, streams and rivers and as a secondary standard to check other on-line and portable instruments.

Dimensions (hxwxd)Monitor: 224 x 106 x 39 mm
Sensor: 45 mm Diameter, 155 mm long
WeightMonitor: 0.5 kg
Sensor: 0.6 kg (inc 5 metres of cable)
Protection ClassElectronics: IP65
Sensor: IP68
Enclosure MaterialMonitor: ABS
Sensor: Black Acetal Co-Polymer
Bag: Nylon
Cable EntryPlug for Sensor and Charger
Cable Size5 mm OD
Cable Length5 metres standard, 100 metres maximum
Power SupplyRechargeable battery
Charger90-264 VAC, UK, US, EU and Australian plug style
Optional Car Charger available
Environmental Data
Operating TemperatureMonitor: -20 to 60°C
Sensor: 0-60°C
Storage Temperature-20 to 60°C
LocationIndoor/Outdoor, Portable
User Interface
DisplayGraphical Display providing 4 1/2 Digits with 2 message lines
Setupvia 6 button keypad
Units of Measurementmg/l, g/l, ppm, NTU, FTU, %SS
Measurement Characteristics
Principal of OperationLight Attenuation
Wavelength960 nm Infrared
Accuracy+/- 5% of reading or 10mg/l whichever is greater
Repeatability+/- 1 % FSD
Response Time0.5 seconds, display damping available
Sensor Ranges
Soli-Tech 10Range: 0-20,000 mg/l auto-ranging
Part NumberDescription
225835740 Monitor c/w Soli-Tech 10 Sensor (Cable Length: 5 metres) and Mains Charger (Multi-Country Plug UK/US/EU/AU)
225838740 Monitor c/w Soli-Tech 10 Sensor (Cable Length: 10 metres) and Mains Charger (Multi-Country Plug UK/US/EU/AU)
222220740 Monitor c/w Soli-Tech 10 Sensor (Cable Length: 10 metres) and Car Charger
203230Car Power Supply

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