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WaterWatch² Expansion Boxes

The WaterWatch² range incorporates a wide range of sensors; these can be combined using the 7300w² monitor to provide cost effective, highly flexible, fully featured monitoring and control solutions. This degree of flexibility means that a large number of terminals and outputs need to be accommodated. Our expansion box range makes this possible.

Potential applications include monitoring dissolved oxygen on multiple aeration lanes and combining turbidity and pH in final effluent. Whenever a sensor name includes w² it is suitable for use with any other part of the WaterWatch² range.

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The 7300w² Monitor allows the connection of 1 or 2 sensors and outputs to suit, a range of expansion boxes are available for larger numbers of sensor and outputs. There are currently 3 expansion boxes available, along with a supplementary power supply.

Part NumberDescription
224939WaterWatch² Expansion Box (3 to 4 Sensor Input, 4 x 4-20mA and 4 x Relay Outputs)
225036WaterWatch² Power Supply (Input: 100 - 240VAC, Output: 12VDC, 5A)

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