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FlexTech WaterTechw² pH8000/Redox8000 Sensor Mounting Shafts

These mounting shafts are suitable for use with our WaterTechw² pH8000 and Redox8000 Sensors, as standard we supply the shafts in 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 metre lengths. Other lengths are available on request.

For applications where fouling is likely we recommend use of the self-cleaning flexible version, this makes use of the movement of the sample to keep the sensor face clean. This highly effective cleaning mechanism has no running or maintenance cost.

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Part NumberDescription
224726FlexTech Shaft Assembly with Flexible Coupling (WaterTechw² pH8000/Redox, 1.0 metre)
224728FlexTech Shaft Assembly with Flexible Coupling (WaterTechw² pH8000/Redox, 2.0 metres)
224730FlexTech Shaft Assembly with Flexible Coupling (WaterTechw² pH8000/Redox, 3.0 metres)
226137FlexTech Shaft Assembly with Flexible Coupling (WaterTechw² pH8000/Redox, no top shaft)
224720FlexTech Shaft Assembly (WaterTechw² pH8000/Redox, 1.0 metre)
224722FlexTech Shaft Assembly (WaterTechw² pH8000/Redox, 2.0 metres)
224724FlexTech Shaft Assembly (WaterTechw² pH8000/Redox, 3.0 metres)

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