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IL55BV2 Suspended Solids and Sludge Density Sensor


This product is no longer in production – please see SoliTechw² IL for new requirements

Inline Sensor for sludge density, suspended solids and turbidity monitoring

The IL55BV2 sensor provides reliable and repeatable, continuous in-line measurement of sludge density, suspended solids and turbidity.  The optical element has a sapphire window, this offers excellent resistance to fouling and damage caused by the abrasion from flow particles.

The sensor is suitable for a variety of applications including the auto de-sludging of primary and final settlement tanks, and reliable sludge density measurement ensures that downstream treatment processes can operate at their optimum level.

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The sensor uses infrared back-scatter at 960nm, the light is transmitted and received through a lens that is optically split. The infrared measurement principle allows the sensor to work in applications where entrained air prevents the use of ultrasonic sensors.

The sensor is installed through a mounting boss onto any pipeline that is larger than 65 mm diameter. The sensing element is positioned flush with the inside wall of the pipe, ensuring that the optical surface is kept clean by the flow passing the sensor and making sure the sensor does not cause an obstruction to the flow.

When detecting turbidity the sensor can give immediate warning of a filter failure or of contamination of a process by suspended particles. The sensor is also well suited to the monitoring of sludge at tanker intake points, giving an excellent indicator of the strength of the incoming liquor allowing both process adjustments and the charges to be applied to the tanker operator.

Dimensions (hxwxd)392 mm long
Weight4.2 kg, including Ball Valve and 10 metres of cable
Protection ClassSensor Body: IP65
Optical Housing: IP68
Enclosure MaterialBlack Acetal Co-Polymer, 316 Stainless Steel, Glass
Seal MaterialNitrile
Cable EntryIntegral Cable Gland
Cable Length10 metres standard, 100 metres maximum
Interface to Monitor
Power Supply12 VDC from Monitor
Sensor Output0-5 mA
Environmental Data
Operating/Storage Temperature0 to 50ºC
Pressure Rating2 BarG
Process Connection
Normal MountingIn-line via Mounting Boss or pipe section
Process Connection1 1/4" BSP Male or Flanges to suit pipeline
Minimum Pipe Size65mm Internal Diameter
ServiceSensor cleaning is required at a frequency determined by site characterisitcs
CalibrationThe sensor is inherently stable, calibration should be carried out to suit the application. Our recommendation is every 6 months.
Measurement Characteristics
Principal of OperationLight Back Scatter
Wavelength960 nm Infrared
AccuracyBetter than +/-5% of reading on real sample
ResolutionDependent on range setting, typically +/-2% of reading
Response Time0.5 seconds damping provided by monitor
FlowrateNot affected by flowrate, avoid deadspots and extreme turbulence
UnitsUser Selectable mg/l, g/l, ppm, %SS, NTU
Maximum Range0-50,000 mg/l or 0-5%SS
Minimum Range0-1,000 mg/l or 0-0.1%SS
The actual measuring range will depend on the nature of the sample being monitored, for processes normally operating at 10,000 mg/l or more should consider use of the HR version of this sensor.
Processes that use carbon will provide higher than expected readings and the HR version of the sensor should be used.
Part NumberDescription
118520IL55BV2 Sensor (Cable Length: 10 metres)
222643IL55BV2 Sensor, 0-1000 FTU (Cable Length: 10 metres)
226409IL55BV2 Sensor, 0-4000 FTU (Cable Length: 10 metres)
Mounting Options
171300Mounting Boss - IL55BV2 (made to customer specifications)
TBAPipe Section - made to customer specification

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