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IR ’C’ Sediment and Suspended Solids Sensors

Suspended solids sensors for environmental research

The IR ‘C’ version of Partech’s trusted range of infrared based suspended solids and turbidity sensors is aimed at applications in the environmental monitoring and research fields, and has been specifically developed to work with a wide range of data logging devices that are commonly used in universities and research organisations.

The sensor produces an output signal that can be calibrated either within the logger or via a spreadsheet to provide a linear response to the actual solids present in the water being monitored.

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The sensors have provided data for a multitude of academic papers in applications from Glacial Streams in the Alps, through Tropical Rainforest Rivers in Borneo to Melt Water in Greenland and sediment transport in the Humber Estuary. Many theses and doctoral reports have been produced used the IR ‘C’ sensors.
Being exceptionally easy to deploy and having a very low power consumption there are no hidden costs to the purchase of these sensors. Partech are happy to put together a monitoring package including a logger, power source and weatherproof enclosure. These packages will allow data to be retrieved without visiting the site, keeping project costs down and allowing measurements over wide areas.

Dimensions (hxwxd)IR100C: 95 x 160 x 25 mm
IR40C: 95 x 100 x 25 mm
IR15C: 95 x 75 x 25 mm
IR8C: 95 x 75 x 25 mm
Weight0.7 kg (inc 10 metres of cable)
Nominal Gap Size0-200 mg/l Range: 100 mm
0-1,500 mg/l Range: 40 mm
0-10,000 mg/l Range: 15 mm
0-30,000 mg/l Range: 8 mm
Protection ClassIP68
Enclosure MaterialBlack Acetal Co-Polymer
Cable EntriesIntegral Cable Gland
Cable Type4 core, 2 Twisted Pair, 5 mm O/D Polyurethane Coated
Cable Length10 metres standard ,100 meters maximum
Service RequirementNo Routine servicing
Will require manual cleaning, frequency is application dependent
Power Supply12 VDC
Output Signal0-5mA
Shallow 'S' shaped curve will need linearisation against actual site samples prior to use
Environmental Data
Operating Temperature0 to 40ºC
Measurement Characteristics
Measurement PrincipleLight Absorption
Wavelength960 nm
IR100CRange: 0-200 mg/l
Optical Path: 100 mm
Special Application Only
IR40CRange: 0-1,500 mg/l
Optical Path: 40 mm
Wastewater Treatment - Final Settlement and Humus Tanks
Drinking Water Treatment - Clarifers
IR15CRange: 0-10,000 mg/l
Optical Path: 15 mm
Wastewater Treatment - Primary Settlement Tanks
Drinking Water Treatment - Picket Fence Thickeners
IR8CRange: 0-30,000 mg/l
Optical Path: 8 mm
Wastewater Treatment - Picket Fence Thickeners
Part NumberDescription
102300IR100C Sensor (Cable Length: 10 metres)
101950IR40C Sensor (Cable Length: 10 metres)
222056IR40C Sensor (Cable Length: 25 metres)
101700IR15C Sensor (Cable Length: 10 metres)
222219IR15C Sensor (Cable Length: 15 metres)
222464IR15C Sensor (Cable Length: 20 metres)
223236IR15C Sensor (Cable Length: 25 metres)
223237IR15C Sensor (Cable Length: 40 metres)
140910IR8C Sensor (Cable Length: 10 metres)

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