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MicroMac 1000 Portable Colorimetric Analyser

Single or Multiparameter Portable Colorimetric Analyser

The MicroMac 1000 is designed to operate as a free standing colorimetric analyser which gives the user the ability to get ‘live’ data from a site for a short period of time without having to install complex online monitoring packages.

The portability of the analyser gives the user a portable ‘laboratory’ as it uses the same standard methods of analysis as most laboratories. It can be used as a tool for site surveys, investigations or when set up as a package, longer term studies or profiling of a site. With the advantage of ‘live’ results the system can be used in place of samplers where the sample is collected and sent away for laboratory analysis, thus enabling changes to be made much quicker.

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  • General Specification
  • Measurement Specification

The analytical methods used in the MicroMac 1000 are based on the standard methods that are used in laboratories throughout the world. Many of these methods have their basis in the “Methods for the Examination of Waters and Associated Materials” as published by HMSO – Standing Committee of Analysts.

The Loop Flow Analysis system can be configured as a single or multiple chemistry module: The multiple chemistry module can have up to 4 chemistries or 7 reagent additions. The chemistry module shown shows a typical analysis loop, this can include a high temperature heating bath for hot acid digestion and high pressure valves and PTFE tubing in all areas in contact with the acid or high temperatures when required.

Up to seven reagent valves allow the analyser to be configured for multiple chemistries, typical combinations include:

  • Orthophosphate and Soluble Iron
  • Orthophosphate and Ammonia
  • Nutrient Suite – Orthophosphate, Ammonia and Nitrite
Dimensions (hxwxd)530 x 120 x 350 mm
Weight10 kg
Protection ClassIP55
Power Supply12 VDC or 115/230 VAC
Power Rating4W on standby , 10W during analysis
Environmental Data
Operating Temperature10 to 30ºC
LocationIndoor or in Protective Kiosk
User Interface
Display3 Digit, 7 Segment LED Display of 0-100%
SetupPotentiometer and Push Buttons on main PCBA
Units of Measurement%age Depth
Output Signals
Analogue Output4-20 mA, max load 500 ohm
Relays1, this alarms at 0 and 100% and is not adjustable
ContactsContact Closure, 0.55 A @ 100VDC
Local Annuication6 LED's on main PCBA
Measurement Characteristics
Principal of OperationColorimetric or Fluorimetric
ColorimeterDual Beam, Silicon Detector
FluorimeterExcitation at 370 nm, Emission 420-470 nm
Number of ParametersMP1 - Single Parameter
MP2 - Dual Parameter
Measurement FrequencyProgrammable, dependent on the parameter in use
Aluminium0-500 µg/l to 0-5 mg/l
Ammonia0-2 to 0-50 mg/l as N
Manganese0-300 µg/l to 0-5 mg/l
Orthophosphate0-500 µg/l to 0-50 mg/l as P
Soluble Iron0-500 µg/l to 0-10 mg/l


MicroMac C Colorimetric Analyser

Online colorimetric analyser for Ammonia, Phosphate, Iron, Aluminium and many other parameters

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