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MicroMac C Colorimetric Analyser

Single or Multiparameter Colorimetric Analyser

The MicroMac C is designed to operate in an industrial or treatment works environment with minimal routine intervention and uses, wherever possible, industry standard chemistry methods.

The robust nature of the MicroMac C with its separate electronic and chemistry compartments (the latter including reagent storage) provides a highly reliable online analyser.
The chemistry module employs the patented Loop Flow Analysis System which results in a very flexible analysis system which can incorporate high temperature digestion or heating, UV digestion, acid digestion, and temperature controlled end point reactions all utilising either a visible light colorimeter or a fluorimeter.

Partech are the exclusive UK distributor for Systea Srl who are based in Rome, Italy. Partech have experienced, fully trained sales and service personnel.

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The analytical methods used in the MicroMac C are based on the Standard Methods that are used in laboratories throughout the world. Many of these methods have their basis in the “Methods for the Examination of Waters and Associated Materials” as published by HMSO – Standing Committee of Analysts.

The Loop Flow Analysis system can be configured as a single or multiple chemistry module: The multiple chemistry module can have up to 4 chemistries or 7 reagent additions. The chemistry module shown shows the a typical analysis loop, this can include a high temperature heating bath for hot acid digestion and high pressure valves and PTFE tubing in all areas in contact with the acid or high temperatures when required.

Up to seven reagent valves allow the analyser to be configured for multiple chemistries, typical combinations include:

Ortho-Phosphate and Soluble Iron
Ortho-Phosphate and Ammonia
Total Phosphorus and Iron or Aluminium

The most critical part of any monitor is the sampling system, which must be able to get the sample to the monitor in a condition fit for analysis, Partech have developed a range of sampling systems that perform this task in a way that reduces maintenance time to a minimum. In addition to providing the sampling system Partech provide a full installation and commissioning service. This service ensures that the analyser works from day one and provides the user with full documentation and training on the system.

Each site needs to be reviewed on it’s own merits and Partech will work with you to ensure that the most cost effective solution will be offered.

Crude Sewage or Process Monitoring

The system developed and fully implemented by Partech incorporates a mascerating submersible pump, air compressor, controller and standard filter unit with 20 micron filter element. This combination makes this arduous application possible and gives the option of feed-forward control when carrying out chemically assisted Phosphate removal.

Final Effluent or Surface Water Monitoring

Monitoring in these applications allows the use of either a basic system with a simple peristaltic pump or a full sampling system incorporating a submersible pump, air compressor, controller and standard filter unit with 400 micron filter element. The full system is required for locations that have a level change from the sample to the analyser installation or where fouling is believed to be an issue.

Potable Water Treatment

Most potable water installations have relatively simple sample requirements and it is normally possible to connect the analyser and it’s sample pot to the site pipework without the need for additional sample conditioning.

Dimensions (hxwxd)800 x 450 x 300 mm
Weight25 kg
Protection ClassIP55
Power Supply12 VDC or 115/230 VAC
Power Rating4W on standby , 10W during analysis
Environmental Data
Operating Temperature10 to 30ºC
LocationIndoor or in Protective Kiosk
User Interface
DisplayGraphic Display providing access to setup menu and logged data
Output Signals
Analogue Output4-20 mA, max load 500 ohm
Relays1x Process Alarm
1x General Fault Alarm
1x Calibration Error
Measurement Characteristics
Principal of OperationColorimetric or Fluorimetric
ColorimeterDual Beam, Silicon Detector
FluorimeterExcitation at 370 nm, Emission 420-470 nm
Number of ParametersMP1 - Single Parameter
MP2 - Dual Parameter
MP3 - Three Parameters
MP4 - Four Parameters
Measurement FrequencyProgrammable, dependent on the parameter in use
Aluminium0-500 µg/l to 0-5 mg/l
Ammonia0-2 to 0-50 mg/l as N
Manganese0-300 µg/l to 0-5 mg/l
Orthophosphate0-500 µg/l to 0-50 mg/l as P
Soluble Iron0-500 µg/l to 0-10 mg/l
Total Iron0-5 mg/l as P
Total Phosphorus0-500 µg/l to 0-5 mg/l as P

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