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Wastewater Temperature Transmitter (D062/3)

Temperature Monitoring in Activated Sludge and Final Effluent

These sensors have been specifically designed to monitor temperature in wastewater and industrial effluent treatment applications. The result is a robust, accurate, easy to use and stable temperature measurement system. The sensors are filled with a special cast resin that protects against moisture.

D062 – Blind Transmitter – 4-20mA loop powered

D063 – Blind Transmitter – PT100 4-wire connection

The sensor within the probes consists of a metal cylinder containing the thermistor network. This sensor tip is fitted to a black plastic housing. The sensors are designed for use between -5ºC and +45º. The accuracy of the measurement is +/- 0.2ºC. The sensor requires very little maintenance, with no special tools or training required. The sensor has been factory calibrated so does not require further calibration, however a verification process is available to ensure that the system is reading accurately.

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Temperature measurement in wastewater applications provides an important back up to measurements such as pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Suspended Solids and Turbidity. In activated sludge temperature can be related to the ability of the biological treatment system to cope with varying loads.

Dimensions (hxwxd)Transmitter: Ø21.5mm, 188 mm long
Interface: 120 x 90 x 50 mm
Protection ClassTransmitter: IP68
Interface: IP65
Enclosure MaterialTransmitter: Polyoxymethylene (POM)
Interface : ABS
Cable EntryTransmitter: Integral Cable Gland
Interface: 2x M12
Cable LengthTransmitter:10 metres standard, 100 metres maximum
Interface to Monitor: 1 metre standard, 100 metre maximum
Interface to Monitor
Power Supply12 VDC from Monitor
Sensor OutputModTechw², RS485
Environmental Data
Storage Temperature-5 to 60ºC
ServiceNo routine service
CalibrationThe sensor is inherently stable, calibration should be carried out to suit the application. Our recommendation is every 12 months.
Measurement Characteristics
Principal of OperationThermistor
AccuracyBetter than +/- 0.2°C
Display Resolutionsee 7300w² Monitor
Response Time0.5 seconds
FlowrateNot affected by flowrate
Range-5 to 45°C
Part NumberDescription
225941WaterTechw² D062 Sensor (Range -5-45°C, Cable Length: 10 metres)
Mounting Shaft
223441FlexTech Shaft Assembly with bracket (WaterTechw² D062 Sensor, 2.0 metres)
Mounting Brackets
223980FlexTech Sensor Bracket (Handrail Ø40 to 60.3 mm)
224567FlexTech Extension Bracket Assembly (500mm Long, Handrail Ø40 to 60.3 mm)