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WaterTechw² Redox8000 Redox/ORP Sensor

Combined Sensor for Redox/ORP and Temperature Monitoring

The WaterTechw² Redox8000 Sensor has been designed to provide highly reliable Redox and Temperature measurements. The sensor uses a flat surfaced electrode which includes an extended reference path, these features combine to provide an extremely robust Redox measurement, suitable for use in surface water, waste water and drinking water applications.

The electrode uses field proven flat surface, self-cleaning technology. The reference system is enhanced by the Extended Path Reference (ERP) design which provides a complex path to protect the reference in the presence of interacting ions such as proteins, silver and sulphides.

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Measurement of Redox or ORP is useful in many water, wastewater and industrial water processes, for example the control of disinfection processes such as chlorination in cooling towers. The electrode design is very similar to the equivalent pH electrode (WaterTechw² pH8000), the difference being that the pH glass is replaced with a Platinum band. The measurement of the oxidation-reduction potential (Redox or ORP) of an aqueous solution is a broad, non-specific indicator of the chemical activity of the solution. In drinking water processes Redox measurement is a highly effective tool for controlling chlorine and ozone treatment, it provides an excellent indicator of the ability of the disinfectant to remove contaminants from the water.

In wastewater processes Redox measurement has the ability to provide an indication of the condition of the anoxic and anaerobic zones within an activated sludge (ASP) plant’s aeration tanks, this is beyond what is possible with the far more commonly used Dissolved Oxygen measurements. The measurement can also be used as an indicator of the load entering a processing plant, giving an early warning of potential control problems.

Dimensions270 x Ø60 mm
Weight1.2 kg inc 10 metres of cable
Wetted MaterialsBody: Black PVC, Nylon Cable Gland, Electrode: PPS (Ryton)
Seal MaterialNitrile
Enclosure RatingIP68
Cable Type4 core, 2 twisted pair, 5 mm O/D Polyurethane Coated
Cable Length10 metres standard, 100 metres maximum
Temperature Rating0 to +50°C
Pressure Rating2 Bar
Depth Rating20 metres
Thread for Mounting Shaft Connection1 1/2" BSPP Male
Interface To Monitor
Power Supply12VDC from Monitor
TypeModTech - RS485
Dimensions (hxwxd)235 x 310 x 155 mm
Weight0.35 kg
Protection ClassIP68
Enclosure MaterialBlack Acetal Co-Polmer with Stainless Steel Mounting PLate
Cable EntryIntegral Cable Gland
Cable Length10 metres standard, 100 metres maximum
Interface to Monitor
Power Supply12 VDC from Monitor
Sensor OutputModTechw², RS485
Environmental Data
Operating/Storage Temperature0 to 70ºC
ServiceElectrode Replacement

Periodic cleaning is required at a frequency determined by the application. Our self cleaning shaft option is highly recommended, this eliminates manual cleaning between calibrations.
CalibrationThe sensor is inherently stable, calibration should be carried out to suit the application. Our recommendation is every 6 months.
Measurement Characteristics
Principal of OperationRedox Electrode with Extended Reference Path
Temperature: Silicon Based Linear Thermistor
Applicable UnitsmV, °C
RangeRedox: -1999 to +1999 mV
Temperature: 0 to 50°C
AccuracyRedox: +/- 2 mV
Temperature: +/- 0.5°C
ResolutionRedox: 1 mV
Temperature: 0.1°C
Service Requirement
CleaningSee FlexTech range of autoclean mounting options
Sensor ServiceElectrode Replacement - typically yearly
Part NumberDescription
224689WaterTechw² Redox8000 Flowcell Assembly includes Redox Electrode and Temperature Sensor (pH Range: -1999 to 1999 mV, Temperature Range: 0-50°C, Cable Length: 2 metres)
224731WaterTechw² Redox8000 Dip Assembly includes Redox Electrode and Temperature Sensor (pH Range: -1999 to 1999 mV, Temperature Range: 0-50°C, Cable Length: 10 metres)
224732WaterTechw² Redox8000 Dip Assembly includes Redox Electrode and Temperature Sensor (pH Range: -1999 to 1999 mV, Temperature Range: 0-50°C, Cable Length: 20 metres)
Mounting Shaft with Self Clean Option
224726FlexTech Shaft Assembly with Flexible Coupling (WaterTechw² pH8000/Redox8000 Sensor, 1.0 metres)
224728FlexTech Shaft Assembly with Flexible Coupling (WaterTechw² pH8000/Redox8000 Sensor, 2.0 metres)
224730FlexTech Shaft Assembly with Flexible Coupling (WaterTechw² pH8000/Redox8000 Sensor, 3.0 metres)
Mounting Shaft without Self Cleaning
224720FlexTech Shaft Assembly (WaterTechw² pH8000/Redox8000 Sensor, 1.0 metres)
224722FlexTech Shaft Assembly (WaterTechw² pH8000/Redox8000 Sensor, 2.0 metres)
224724FlexTech Shaft Assembly (WaterTechw² pH8000/Redox8000 Sensor, 3.0 metres)
Mounting Brackets
223980FlexTech Sensor Bracket (Handrail Ø40 to 60.3 mm)
224567FlexTech Extension Bracket Assembly (500mm Long, Handrail Ø40 to 60.3 mm)
Replacement Electrode
224688WaterTechw² Redox8000 Electrode (-1999 to 1999 mV, TNC Connector)

7300w² Monitor

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