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Colorimetric Analysers

This highly reliable, easy to use online colorimetric water analyzer family provides accurate analysis, real-time data and continuous monitoring for municipal drinking water and wastewater applications. The mini analyzer handles a single sample line and is available in a wide array of parameters and measurement ranges.

Partech have been Systea’s exclusive UK distributor for over 10 years and have an established base of installations monitoring nutrients such as phosphate and nitrogen, and metals such as iron, aluminium, manganese and nitrate. The highly flexible MicroMac colorimetric analysers are fully supported by our engineers and we offer a full system integration, installation and commissioning service.

We pioneered the measurement of phosphate at the inlet stage of municipal wastewater in the UK, developing a sample preparation system fit for the arduous job of sampling crude sewage. By making this measurement possible Partech have enabled operators to employ feed-forward control of ferric or aluminium based coagulant dosing, a far more effective method than feed-back control.

Products in this Range

Chemscan Mini

ChemScan Mini Analyzer

The ChemScan mini Analyzer provides accurate, reliable and affordable single parameter analysis.

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MicroMac C Colorimetric Analyser

Online colorimetric analyser for Ammonia, Phosphate, Iron, Aluminium and many other parameters

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