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Site Surveys – free service to UK customers

Partech have a team of highly experienced engineers available to advise you of the best solution for your application. In most cases, we can provide demonstration units to help evaluate the suitability of the instrument and location. These trials have proved invaluable to our customers to get a better understanding of their process, and the reliability of our instruments.

Our site surveys are usually performed free of charge. Survey reports will detail suitable locations for the instruments, the correct instrument for your specific measurement, accessories, bracketry and installation requirements. Quotations can be provided for either individual instruments or full turn-key projects. Our quotations will include running costs, service visits and calibration options.

The report that we provide can be used as part of a budget submission or as part of negotiations with the Environment Agency regarding discharge consents, environmental permits and OMA and OPRA scoring.

Installation and Commissioning

Our fully trained team can carry out the installation of the instrumentation and analysers that we offer. In most cases panels and enclosures are prepared in our workshop for delivery to site, making site work simple and straightforward. Our engineers are fully qualified to carry out the service we are offering from electrical installation, through system testing and commissioning to chemical handling for our analysers. Site engineers are certified under the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and have additionally been given safety and environmental protection training.

By having the installation carried out by an instrumentation specialist, many of the common problems relating to poor sensor positioning and sample preparation issues are eliminated. Partech have over 40 years of experience installing, maintaining and operating instrumentation in water, wastewater, industrial effluent and surface water applications. Contracting Partech to carry out installations means that we take full responsibility for the successful application and integration of our instrumentation.

Instrument Service – Ongoing site support for your measuring equipment

All instrumentation and analysers need some form of maintenance. This can often be covered in-house, but increasing workloads and a growing reliance on reliable accurate measurements means that this critical role often needs to be performed by a specialist company.

Partech has 50 years of experience in the operation, maintenance and repair of instrumentation in the water and wastewater industry. Our packages are tailored to meet the individual needs of each customer or site, and we understand that each application has its own unique set of requirements.

Service contracts can cover individual instruments or be expanded to cover a whole site – we are not limited to the products that we supply.

We can include services such as weekly sensor cleaning, routine preventative maintenance and reagent replenishment as well as complete system overhaul, if necessary.