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Sludge Monitors and the Top Three Ways they can Help your Business

Posted by Angus Fosten on January 5, 2016

One of our recent blogs discussed how wastewater could be used to make money in treatment plants. As a result, we thought we’d take a look at the benefits of sludge monitors and how they can help your business in the water industry. We’ve listed our top three ways sludge blanket can help in the everyday treatment of water.

Stop Sludge Escaping!

By using one of the Partech 8100 Sludge Blanket Detectors, you can stop sludge from escaping over the top of the settlement tank. If sludge does escape it can lead to a discharge, which can be devastating. If the sludge blanket rises to the top of the tank and allows a discharge to take place it can then contaminate the next stage of water processing or feed into the watercourse.

The Partech 8100 blanket is extremely clever and offers an effective way of monitoring sludge – when the blanket reaches the sensor it automatically turns on the pumps that then take the sludge away to be dried. It’s an incredibly simple design too, with just a one-point switch.

Keep an Eye on Sludge Levels and Density!

There can be a problem with drying sludge, what happens if the pumps are on too long and you start pulling through water rather than sludge? You’re then left with the problem and expense of trying to dry it out.

So what do the Partech sensors do? The Partech sludge sensors can tell you when the level of sludge has decreased to a low level within the tank. The 8200 sensor is also simple but has a two-point switch system.

Additionally, Partech’s IL55BV2 Suspended Solids and Sludge Density Sensor is an inline way of monitoring sludge density, suspended solids and turbidity. When the density of the sludge in the pipe drops the clever IL55BV2 sensor will let you know!

Monitor Sludge Settlement!

By monitoring how well the sludge is settling in the tank you can get a good indication of how well the entire treatment process is working. Changes in settlement time and the clarity of the interface can be an early warning signal of something else wrong with the process.

It’s extremely important to control the sludge blanket level in order to ensure that discharge consent compliance and efficient control of the treatment process takes place. If you’d like to talk to a member of the Partech team about your sludge monitoring needs, call us on: 01726 879800.

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